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Zombie Andreas is a modification to the game "GTA: San Andreas", which completely changes the entire gameplay of the game.

A zombie apocalypse has occurred in the states, an unknown infection has infected most of the population. The remaining people are trying to survive and not kill each other to hell.

The Complete version is a further development of 4.1, and almost the ultimate juice out of the SA engine - new content, improvement of all old things, game mode on maps GTA 3, GTA VC, GTA LCS, GTA VCS and much more!

1) Survival - The choice of canonical survival or its non-canonical modifiers. Start spawning your own character, creating a story on your own, or taste the non-canonical offshoots of this mode.

2) Hold - Confront hordes of zombies on certain maps.

3) Battle - Play as survivors or infected in a battle for points. There are 5 rounds in total in this mode.

4) Other - Add. game modes.

  • File Name - GTA SA Zombie Mod
  • Status - Scanned With Norton
  • File Link - Click Here
  • Author - Gaming Stiff

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