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GTA San Andreas Winter Mod Download For PC

Snow-Andreas is positioned as a universal winter mod and can be used in both single player and multiplayer, so there is no new story, replaced cars or other mods. Only snow. Everything else you can install yourself, or play on a "clean" game.

If you want to download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for free : click here

Changed surface material: pedestrians and cars leave tracks (in the correct color), cars glide more easily (not overdone), sounds correct, and no sparks and fire spreading where grass was originally.

Falling snowflakes, with different intensity depending on the current weather.

Changed including vehicle textures (including vehicle reflections; normally it won't make a difference if you use mod cars), grass colors, removed cacti, etc.

190 pedestrians and characters changed to outerwear. Unchanged ones have been removed from the streets

  • File Name - GTA SA Winter Mod
  • Status - Scanned With Norton
  • File Link - Click Here
  • Author - Gaming Stiff

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