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How To Install GTA Vice City And GTA 3 Remastered Mod

 GTA MIXED Formerly called SAxVCxLC Connected.

Mod that adds Vice City and Liberty City in GTA San Andreas, now with all cities close and connected by bridges.

VC and LC were positioned next to San Andreas, at least 1 kilometer away, in order to not be visible in the game's standard draw distance, neither too far nor too close, in order to be able to connect them without too much effort using bridges.

It is a continuation of the discontinued SAxVCxLC , now led by Jessica Natalia, Junior_Djjr and Zeneric, with permission and official help from the authors.

It includes everything the original SAxVCxLC mod offers: map, weapons, cars, pedestrians, interiors, icons, shops, pickups, unique jumps, etc. All converted from GTA Vice City and GTA 3. You can access the mod from here

Includes neons from GTA Vice City Stories and dozens of bug fixes from the original maps.

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