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GTA 3 Rage Classic Mod Download For PC 2023

GTA 3 Rage Classic Mod 

GTA 3 Rage Classic is a complete rework of the game, compiling many mods from talented modders and creating a whole new experience.

The mod was worked on for two years and now it has become a very stable mod, personally tested and compiled in the best way to avoid unexpected crashes, because what's the point of having a beautiful mod if you can't enjoy it with crashes? The goal of this mod is to be very stable and playable

Some features of this mod include:

- HD textures making a great effort
- Vegetation taken and optimized from GTA 5
- Many new features like Classic Axis
- Improved graphics with the new Reshade in conjunction with the SkyGFX
- Cars, weapons, radar and pedestrians retextured in HD.
- Multitude of maps added to expand the city
- 2dfx effects
- The mod has settings for low-resource PCs.
- And many more features!

Grand Theft Auto III Rage Classic Mod is a total conversion mod for Grand Theft Auto IV that aims to recreate the classic 2001 game, Grand Theft Auto III, with improved graphics and new features. Modders have spent countless hours working on this mod, and the results are truly impressive.

One of the main features of this mod is the improved graphics. The original Grand Theft Auto III was released over 20 years ago, and its graphics have not aged well. However, with the Grand Theft Auto III Rage Classic Mod, players can enjoy the game with new and improved textures, lighting effects, and enhanced building models. The neon lights and road textures look particularly stunning, adding to the overall immersive experience. Well You can access game files From here

Another exciting feature of the Grand Theft Auto III Rage Classic Mod is the addition of new cars. The modders have included a wide range of vehicles, including classic cars, sports cars, and even some fictional ones. These cars not only look great but also add to the gameplay, giving players more options for exploration and completing missions.

Additionally, the modders have included new weapons, improved pedestrian and vehicle AI, and a whole host of bug fixes to make the game more enjoyable overall.

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