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GTA 3 Remastered Mod 

GTA 3 Remastered Edition is a complete rework of the game, compiling many mods from talented modders and creating a whole new experience.

The mod was worked on for two years and now it has become a very stable mod, personally tested and compiled in the best way to avoid unexpected crashes, because what's the point of having a beautiful mod if you can't enjoy it with crashes? The goal of this mod is to be very stable and playable.

Some features of this mod include:

- HD textures making a great effort
- Vegetation taken and optimized from GTA 5
- Many new features like Classic Axis
- Improved graphics with the new Reshade in conjunction with the SkyGFX
- Cars, weapons, radar and pedestrians retextured in HD.
- Multitude of maps added to expand the city
- 2dfx effects
- The mod has settings for low-resource PCs.
- And many more features!

  • File Name - GTA 3 Remastered
  • Status - Scanned With Norton
  • File Link - Click Here
  • Author - Gaming Stiff

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